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How to fix Outlook 0x800CCCAC, 0x800CCCAD and 0x0004b9 errors

Did you want to fix Outlook 0x800CCCAC error? Are you getting the error message while using the Outlook application? Are you not able to send or receive emails? Does your all downloaded email attachments are get corrupted due to the virus attack? If you are receiving these issues then you need to fix Outlook 0x800CCCAC error quickly. We are also recommended you the best tool for this Outlook error fixing.


The Outlook is one of the most famous stand-alone application which is developed by the Microsoft organization in the year 2001. This is known to be an application because it offers to the users to access the websites, create notes, read journals, sending or receiving emails, search on them, get the latest news and many more things that are related with them. But this Outlook users are sometimes facing the issues and getting error messages on a computer screen.

1. Outlook 0x800CCCAC Error:

The Outlook 0x800CCCAC is an error code which is error code which mainly occurs in the Outlook application. This error is received by the user when they are using the IMAP server account. In this error case, the user is not able to send or receive the emails to the Outlook application or from another email account. Sometimes this error has come due to the corruption of PST files from the computer.

Causes of Outlook 0x800CCCAC error:

There are several causes which are responsible for existing the Outlook 0x800CCCAC error in the system. But here we provide you some common reasons that are fully responsible for this error. Reasons for given below:

  • If the user stores their hard drives in the other location then due to this the Microsoft Outlook is not getting the Outlook related PST files. The after that the user is getting the error message while running the Outlook application.

  • In most of the cases, the user is getting what they are Microsoft Outlook application by using the Outlook PST files and suddenly the power of the system has gone then in that situation the saved the PST files of the Outlook applications are get corrupted and the user gets difficulty to access their system.

2. Outlook 0x800CCCAD Error:

0x800CCCAD is also an error code which mainly occurs in the Outlook application. It is consist of both texts and digits. This is an error is shows the error location to the users but they never detect them. The Outlook experts are easily detecting this error from their system. The best thing is that the user gets the detect this error in their by guessing some common reasons that we are given them in below paragraphs.

Reasons of the Outlook 0x800CCCAD Error:

  • Sometimes the user is try to transfer the data to the PST files but they are suddenly stop or cancel by the it self then in that case the PST is get corrupted and also all saved meails are get lost from the Outlook application.

  • If the user is trying to access their internet server to download the PST files from the global server then in that case there may some changes occur to cause existing of issue in the Outlook application like network issue, connected server is down, routers issue, card is damage, and many more things occur which is caused to existing of this error in the Outlook application.

  • At the time of downloading the Outlook applications the files are files related with them are missed by the users then it is also cause to improper running of Outlook in the system.

3. Outlook 0x0004b9 error:

0x0004b9 also comes in the list of Outlook error where the user gets a lot of miscellaneous activity due to that they are not able to work with the Outlook application. This error is also most of the times are encountered by the Outlook users when they are browsing with them. The below message is showing to the Outlook users screen when this error comes to in the computer:

Sending and receiving reported error “0x80004005”: The operation failed.’

Reasons of Outlook 0x0004b9 error:

We are encountered some reason which are responsible for existing of Outlook 0x0004b9 error in the personal computer. Some of them are given below:


  • If the user is download and installed the Outlook application in their system then they are saved the files related with Outlook application. If that files related with the Outlook application are getting saved to other locations then it is caused to the freezing of this application and also showing error message on a computer screen.

  • The most common and popular reason is a virus attack on the system. When the system is infected by the virus or any other malware then, in that case, the virus is corrupted the system files such that the Outlook application I did not read that corrupted files and showing an error message to the user.

  • If user is by mistake delete the system files related with the Outlook application then the Outlook is not working roper and may crash down automatically.

Tool to fix Outlook 0x800CCCAC, 0x800CCCAD and 0x0004b9 error:

The Outlook PST Repair Tool is the best tool which is used to fix the Outlook 0x800CCCAC, 0x800CCCAD and 0x0004b9 error easily.It is use to restore corrupted PST files from Outlook. Does this tool have a trial version where the user gets to check that this is working or not.? If the user is using their trial version then it shows the error found but at the time of fixing them then the user needs to buy this tool from their sites such that they are fixing them quickly. It repairs the all PST files that are corrupted or encrypted from the user's system. The Outlook PST Repair Tool helps the user recover the Outlook damaged emails, deleted emails, email attachments, and their contacts easily. This tool supports the Outlook application versions like Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2002, and many more versions. Download the Outlook PST Repair Tool to fix the Outlook 0x800CCCAC, 0x800CCCAD and 0x0004b9 error quickly.